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Strength TogetHER provides safe space to share personal stories and and experiences which bring change in attitudes and lives.

Young girls get to explore and express themselves which helps to unburden themselves and create new meaning.

First Generation Nepal aims to build a support system among the first generation Nepali students residing all across the globe.

First Generation students face numerous challenges ranging from Academic, Social, Family and Financial Problems. This program implements semi-formal program and soft skill development. Along with this a long term community networked support system is focused for these students to find help as and when required among peers and older people who have undertaken first generation student journeys.

With the huge absence of physical education, social gatherings, school events and programs due to the Covid pandemic the students have faced a great challenge to catch up with learning and group discussions especially in English speaking and building conversation. English should not be a mark of intelligence for students. However, the English language is important for students to be a global citizen.

Considering this, we have started providing guidance and resources for improving English with overall focus on listening, writing, speaking and reading. Introduction to new vocabulary and encouraging and motivating to speak in English by conducting fun and interactive ways of learning.

ThinkInk is redefining the learning experience. We targeted it to students in building thinking and reflecting into rote learning. Thinkink was designed to modify student learning as an iterative learn, try, evaluate, reinforce cycle.

Stories About Us is a three-week long program of Lokopakar in collaboration with Nexus Institute of Research and Innovation (NIRI) where young minds learn from the stories, struggles and cherishing moments of the life of our moderators.

Margdarshan is a one on one mentoring for age group 12-18 by experienced professionals for interaction, guidance and self development.

Students learn from mentor’s stories and take guidance from them in both personal and professional life.


People Touched





“Margadarshan has answered all my questions I had regarding my career and passion. It has created a clear Marga towards my career.”

Rubishka Shrestha

“I want to channel the process of women supporting women and lead as an example to give back to those women who has given me so much. I owe you all thank you for not letting me falter and pushing me to continue moving forward.”

Rosy Karna

“My confidence has increased. Because I used to feel odd even when I was studying in school. I have not interacted much here ever, though my other friends do.
Like, practicing to speak by standing in the front. It might be because I studied from 6 till 10 in the school in my village. I interacted a little in the village but have not got to do so here. Now, I am able to do it.”

Rupa Gaire

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