Donation Campaign

On December 30, 2021 Lokopakar in collaboration with NIRI started a Facebook Donation campaign to mentor teen girls of Public Schools in Nepal through Strength TogetHER.

Strength TogetHER provides safe space to share personal stories and experience which bring change in attitudes and lives. Girls get to explore and express themselves which helps to unburden themselves and create new meaning. The program is 8 sessions long where young girls discuss their issues and come up with solutions that group members can support each other with. They learn to speak up and share their stories to the group which is relatable to almost all girls. They are empowered by the story they share and learn new lessons after every session they attend.

With the raised funds of $1,673, Lokopakar provided Strength TogetHER sessions to 7 public schools of Nepal. Lokopakar completed the sessions in:
-Shree Nandi Secondary School,
-Padmodaya Secondary School,
-Shaheed Shukra Secondary School,
-Nepal Yubak College,
-Kanya Mandir Higher Secondary School,
-Siddhi Ganesh Higher Secondary School
-Nepal Yubak Secondary School.

Shree Nandi Secondary School
Padmodaya Secondary School
Shaheed Shukra Secondary School

Nepal Yubak College
Kanya Mandir Higher Secondary School
Nepal Yubak School
Siddhi Ganesh Higher Secondary School