UDAAN is a peer to peer self development group for adolescent girls and boys that provides them with a safe platform to share their stories and experiences. They share, listen, reflect and act upon major learnings from the platform. They learn to speak up and share their stories to the group which is relatable to almost all adolescent girls and boys. They are empowered by the story they share and learn new lessons after every session they attend.

UDAAN cohorts run for 20 weeks with 10 sessions on various topics during that period.

UDAAN has had 2 groups (one in collaboration with Leo Club of Kathmandu Chabahil) in the past and now has been revamped for open groups. The sessions have been life changing for the participants.

Key Features:

— Sessions that open up conversations in normally avoided areas

— Sessions that allow adolescent girls and boys to express themselves in topics where their thoughts are suppressed

— Support group with members helping one another grow together

— Self guided development

— Community development

— Self confidence and leadership

— Social networking with youths who have passed the same hurdles