About Us

LOKOPAKAR is an organization dedicated to Youth development. Lokopakar  focuses on the growth of youth by providing skill-sets and freedom to be themselves. We provide a non-judgmental platform where they learn from their experiences. We help youths to learn and acquire new knowledge and 21st Century skills in an organic and experiential way.  Lokopakar has been continuously working for over two years with youths from all over Nepal.

With a vision of bettering lives of youths, Lokopakar works to create safe spaces, support platforms and activity oriented programs that help youth express and experience for their collective growth. Lokopakar has been working towards this vision through various partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded institutions.

While providing these live changing programs, Lokopakar seeks to:

  • be non-judgmental and non discriminatory
  • inculcate a culture of reflection
  • Respect one another and respect for self
  • build emotional connectivity
  • be innovative

Currently Lokopakar runs three programs – Strength TogetHER, UDAAN and ThinkInk. The sessions are conducted physically as well as virtually.

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