Our Coordinators

From being a shy speaker to coordinator , my journey of Lokopakar has been amazing. I still remember the day when I first introduced myself as Surakshya Khanal ,the shy one to speak but how supportive my seniors were that I felt as if I was opening up to my siblings. Such homely environment helped me open up and grow a lot. So I also want to create such warm platform where the young girls can be fearless and strong to share their share of story , that is why I myself took the initiative to conduct cohort . For once I have not regretted joining cohort. I hope many young girls would take initiative and actively be part of Lokopakar. I want to see girls turning from fragile to fearless women.

Surakshya Khanal (Cohort 19)

Joining Lokopakar allowed me to unburden myself by allowing me to explore and express myself. It aided me in discovering a new sense of purpose. At the end of each session, I emerge as a new person, full of confidence and strength.

Dipa Yadav (Cohort 15)

Lokopakar feels like a safe space to celebrate  the bond of humans despite our differences and I am privileged enough to be a part of it.

Shreeti K.C (Cohort 14)

Lokopakar has given me strength to accept myself. It’s one of the safest platforms where experiences are shared without any hesitation and fear of being judged. I have learnt and realized many things which helped me change my perspective to see things. I have become a better and stronger person. Thank you Lokopakar.

Sambriddi Karki (Cohort 13)

From an introverted participant to one of the coordinators of Strength TogetHER itself shows how much Lokopakar has helped me grow. Words fall short to show how thankful I’m to Lokopakar for making me the person I’m today.

Nirjara Shrestha (Cohort 12)

“I initially joined Lokopakar as a means to improve my skills, however, this has now become an irreplaceable part of my life.”

Prapti Dhodari (Cohort 11)

I’m so blessed for the abundant love and support I’ve gained from Lokopakar. I have got to learn so many things I can’t imagine to have happened otherwise. The awkward speaker became a regular and then coordinated a cohort and now works with the Back End Team of Lokopakar . And now I cannot even imagine a day without having to hunt for moderators. This is my HOME, for all I know, for all I’ll ever know.

Sammy Purple(Cohort 10)

The transition from a cohort participant to cohort coordinator was really beautiful. Lokopakar helped me to find out my hidden beauty and realize the fact of being imperfectly perfect. This platform helped me to enhance my communication  and social skills. It helped me to spread my wings and allowed me to dream higher and higher. Also it taught me some crucial life related lessons that I will always cherish.

Sakshi Wagle (Cohort 9)

As of right now, I am a Cohort coordinator myself which makes me really proud and happy. Not just this but I also got to learn the vision from others perspective which is indeed a handy skill to solve any miscommunication everywhere. I’m so proud to be a member of this family .I can see positive change in myself . I learnt so many life related lessons here. Lokopakar feels like home, it’s my safe place.

Anuska Devkota (Cohort 8)

I am thankful that as a coordinator I have improved my communication skills,made some really helpful friends and completion of each session boosts my confidence.

Aahana Dhakal (Cohort 7)

 I can’t thank enough such talented and powerful girls I’ve met through this platform where we all have been uplifting each other in making ourselves even better people. Having improved my communication as well as leadership skills, I’m so proud to be a part of this family and feel myself learn and grow . An inspiration to many I wish to be in this journey towards making Lokopakar an even more successful platform.

Binisha Bhattarai (Cohort 6)

I have a better grasp of my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve expanded my thinking and learned new strategies to lead teams in a much more structured way.Further, it boosts my confidence. Lokopakar really supports me personally and professionally.

Manaswi Agrawal (Cohort 5)

It was the best experience joining Lokopakar. It encouraged me as well as the other girls to grow and build together.
Christy Gurung (Cohort 3)

Lokopakar has shaped me as a better human being in every way possible and just to say that I am grateful to be associated with this beautiful family will be an understatement.

Aastha Shrestha (Cohort 2)