First Generation Nepal

Being the first generation students themselves, the co-founders of Lokopakar were also a part of the Aspire Institute, a program to serve the first generation students across the globe. They were able to learn from the experts, attend Harvard Certified Classes, and be a part of the global community.

After thinking back on their journey and being aware of the problems faced by the first generation students like themselves, the co-founders designed “First Generation Nepal” program. It aims to build a support system among the first generation Nepali students residing all across the globe. First Generation Students face numerous challenges ranging from Academic, Social, Family and Financial Problems.

This program implements a semi-formal program and soft skill development. Along with this a long term community networked support system is focused for these students to find help as and when required among peers and older people who have undertaken first generation student journeys.

The sessions are based on the IASC model focusing on the followings:

I is for Identify. Through story sharing, the students bring out their problems and help identify them closely. This will help create a bonding among the participants as well. They empathize with each other, share and help when required.

A is for Action. After identifying the problems, they brainstorm and find ways to solve them with detailed steps. With guidance from the moderators they will set their goals and map out ways to achieve it. They will also practice critical thinking with fun and interactive activities.

S is for Share. The students will share their goals, and vision with their friends and moderators. With the bonding created over the session, the students will help each other achieve it. They remind and encourage each other to work for their goals.

C is for Connect. The students will be a part of the greater community/ support system of 3800+ students and mentors through Lokopakar. They will be able to seek support and guidance as well as share their problems and experience with this support system. And, receive help as and when required from experts and seniors.

Lokopakar conducted a first generation specific program at Nandi Secondary School. The students were provided 6 sessions for 3 days in total. The session included an introduction session followed by an awareness session. The students were made aware of the first generation problem. The student reflected on the problems which they have been facing. At the same time they were able to identify the possible solution for their problem.

“It is a life changing experience.” – Khagendra Rawal (First Generation Student)